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Leonard Part 6
TitleLeonard Part 6
Time85 mins
GenreComedy; Action
DirectorPaul Weiland
ActorBill Cosby as Leonard Parker; Tom Courtenay as Frayn; Joe Don Baker as Nick Snyderburn; Moses Gunn as Giorgio Francozzi; Pat Colbert as Allison Parker; Gloria Foster as Medusa Johnson; Victoria Rowell as Joan Parker; Anna Levine as Nurse Carvalho; David Maier as Man Ray; Grace Zabriskie as Jefferson; Hal Bokar as Andy; George Maguire as Madison; John Hostetter as Adams; William Hall as Monroe; George Kirby as Duchamp
RatingPG (Parental Guidance)
CinematographyJan de Bont
PlotAfter separating from his wife, Leonard Parker (Cosby) quit the spy business and became a restaurateur. His wife refuses to speak with him, and his daughter, who changes her career more often than her clothes, has begun dating a man old enough to be Leonard's father! On top of it all, the government has asked him to come back and save the world again.
ProducerBill Cosby; Alan Marshall
WriterBill Cosby; Jonathan Reynolds
Leonard Part 6