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Zero Theorem
TitleZero Theorem
Time107 mins
GenreDrama; Fantasy; Science Fiction
DirectorTerry Gilliam
ActorChristoph Waltz as Qohen Leth; Gwendoline Christie as Woman in a Street Commercial; Rupert Friend as Man in Street Commercial; Ray Cooper as Man in Street Commercial; Lily Cole as Woman in Street Commercial; David Thewlis as Joby; Sanjeev Bhaskar as Doctor; Peter Stormare as Doctor; Ben Whishaw as Doctor; M�lanie Thierry as Bainsley; Matt Damon as Management; Lucas Hedges as Bob; Margarita Doyle as Mancom Computerised Lips; Tilda Swinton as Dr. Shrink-Rom; Emil Hostina as Slim Clone
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyNicola Pecorini
PlotA computer hacker's goal to discover the reason for human existence continually finds his work interrupted thanks to the Management; this time, they send a teenager and lusty love interest to distract him.
ProducerDean Zanuck; Jean Labadie
WriterTerry Gilliam; Pat Rushin
Zero Theorem