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War And Remembrance: Parts I-Vii
TitleWar And Remembrance: Parts I-Vii
Time1620 mins
GenreDrama; War
DirectorDan Curtis
EditionDVD/CD Combo/ w/ Book
ActorRobert Mitchum as Victor 'Pug' Henry; Jane Seymour as Natalie Henry; Hart Bochner as Byron Henry; Victoria Tennant as Pamela Tudsbury; Polly Bergen as Rhoda Henry; Sami Frey as Avram Rabinovitz; William Schallert as Harry Hopkins; Jeremy Kemp as Brig. Gen. Armin Von Roon; Steven Berkoff as Adolf Hitler; Robert Hardy as Winston Churchill; William Woodson as Narrator; Zevi Wolmark as John Simms; Topol as Berel Jastrow; Ralph Bellamy as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt; John Gielgud as Aaron Jastrow
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyDietrich Lohmann
PlotThe saga of the Henry family, begun in 'The Winds of War' continues as America is attacked by Japan and enters World War II. For Victor Henry, an upwardly mobile naval career sets him in command of a cruiser with sights on selection for the Admiralty. At the same time, however, Victor must struggle with a failing marriage as well as a love affair with the daughter of a prominent British radio news reporter. Victor's son Byron has equal success as a submarine officer, eventually selected to command his own ship, yet all the while must deal with the separation of his wife and son who are held in German custody as enemy alien Jews. Through other such characters as Professor Aaron Jastrow, Naval Pilot Warren Henry, and the noble German General Armin von Roon, 'War and Remembrance' unfolds into an all encompassing and fascinating story of the Second World War.
ProducerBranko Lustig; Dan Curtis
WriterDan Curtis; Earl W. Wallace
SubtitlesEnglish; Chinese
War And Remembrance: Parts I-Vii