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Second Skin
TitleSecond Skin
Time110 mins
GenreDrama; Documentary; Thriller; Romance
DirectorGerardo Vera
ActorJavier Bardem as Diego; Jordi Moll� as Alberto; Ariadna Gil as Elena; Cecilia Roth as Eva; Mercedes Sampietro as M� Elena; Javier Albal� as Rafael; Adrian Sac as Adri�n; Cristina Espinosa as Ana Mari; Pilar Castro as Neus; Ramiro Alonso as Oriol; Silvia Espigado as Ingeniera; Carmen Grey as Enfermera; �ngela Rosal as Tomasa; Luis B. Santiago as Aitor; Christian Queipo as Luis
CinematographyJulio Madurga
PlotDiego is a doctor who has fallen in love with a married man with a son. Against the advice of his boss and best friend, he continues his affair with Alberto. The consequences of this affair profoundly alter not only the two men's lives, but also that of Alberto's wife.
ProducerMarco G�mez; Andr�s Vicente Gomez
WriterGerardo Vera; �ngeles Gonz�lez Sinde
Second Skin