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Rollerball remake 2002
TitleRollerball remake 2002
Time100 mins
GenreAction; Science Fiction; Sports
DirectorJohn McTiernan
EditionSpecial Edition
ActorChris Klein as Jonathan Cross; Jean Reno as Alexis Petrovich; LL Cool J as Marcus Ridley; Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as Aurora; Naveen Andrews as Sanjay; Oleg Taktarov as Denekin; David Hemblen as Serokin; Janet Wright as Coach Olga; Andrew Bryniarski as Halloran; Kata Dob� as Katya; Alice Poon as Red Team #7; Lucia Rijker as Red Team #9; Melissa R. Stubbs as Red Team #12; Paul Wu as Red Team #16 - U Chow; Yolanda Hughes-Heying as Red Team #28
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographySteve Mason
PlotIn this fast action-packed thriller, Jonathan, Marcus, and Aurora compete in a dangerous, fierce sport called Rollerball. Although, Johnathan and Marcus try to quit, cruel and vindictive promoter Alexi Petrovich encourages them to still participate.
ProducerJohn McTiernan; Charles Roven
WriterLarry Ferguson; John Pogue
SubtitlesEnglish; English (Closed Captioned); French; Spanish
Rollerball remake 2002