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Rising Damp: Season 2
TitleRising Damp: Season 2
Time240 mins
DirectorRonnie Baxter; Len Lurcuck
ActorFrances de la Tour as Ruth; Leonard Rossiter as Rigsby; Don Warrington as Philip; Richard Beckinsale as Alan; Gabrielle Rose as Brenda; Norman Bird as Vicar; Helen Fraser as Gwen; Larry Martyn as Fred; Ronnie Brody as Charlie; Henry McGee as Seymour; Robin Parkinson as Desmond; George A. Cooper as Cooper; Robert Gillespie as Gasman; Campbell Singer as Flint; Elizabeth Adare as Lucy
PlotRumour has it that somewhere deep in the rain forests of South America, there still exist undiscovered tribes of people completely cut off from civilisation, untouched by technology, and oblivious to the existence of the great world beyond the waterfall. If this is so, then these people are quite possibly the only humans on the entire planet that have never stood with hands on hips, nodded their heads vigorously back and forth and uttered the line 'Yes, Miss Jones.' Certainly everyone else, however, has. Such is the legendary status of one miserly, prejudiced, scheming and generally unlikeable bed-sit landlord called Rigsby. Rising Damp originated as a script for a stage play, The Banana Box, in 1970. It's author, Eric Chappell, was inspired by a newspaper article about a black man who had guested at a hotel for a year, pretending to be an African prince as a means of avoiding discrimination. The play enjoyed a short lived run in 1
ProducerRonnie Baxter; Len Lurcuck
WriterEric Chappell
Rising Damp: Season 2