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Retreat, Hell!
TitleRetreat, Hell!
Time95 mins
GenreDrama; War
DirectorJoseph H. Lewis
ActorFrank Lovejoy as Lt. Col. Steve L. Corbett; Richard Carlson as Capt. Paul Hansen; Anita Louise as Ruth Hansen; Russ Tamblyn as Jimmy W. McDermid; Nedrick Young as Sgt. Novak; Lamont Johnson as Capt. 'Tink' O'Grady; Robert Ellis as Shorty Devine; Paul Smith as Andy Smith; Peter Ortiz as Maj. Knox; Dorothy Patrick as Eve O'Grady; Morton C. Thompson as Capt. Kyser; Joseph Keane as Lt. Ortiz; Rudy Albachten as Man on Supply Truck; John Bradford as Radio Operator; William Cabanne as Boxum
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyWarren Lynch
PlotDuring the Korean War, a U.S. Marine battalion must fight its way out of a frozen mountain pass despite diminishing supplies, freezing temperatures and constant attacks by overwhelming numbers of Chinese soldiers.
ProducerMilton Sperling
WriterTed Sherdeman; Milton Sperling
Retreat, Hell!