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Ragin' Cajun
TitleRagin' Cajun
Time91 mins
GenreMusic; Action
DirectorWilliam Byron Hillman
ActorCharlene Tilton as Ali; David Heavener as Cage; Allan Rich as Regetti; Sam Bottoms as Legs; Samantha Eggar as Dr. May; Hector Elias as Pedro; Pete Antico as Sal; Rick Zumwalt as Lou; Harry Landers as Lacy; Nick Cinardo as Nick; Ally Walker as Kati; Jesse Borja as Dr. Death; Benny Urquidez as Fighter; Rex Allen Jr. as Rif Harper; Atanas Ilitch as Atanas
CinematographyStan Lazan
PlotAfter his girlfriend is kidnapped by a vicious mobster, Cage rips into action with a vengeance. Retired from kickboxing to pursue dreams of being an entertainer, Cage is forced into a death match with the brutal doctor death. He must win, or he will die.
ProducerWilliam Byron Hillman; Gerald Morton
WriterWilliam Byron Hillman
Ragin' Cajun