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Pirates Of Tortuga
TitlePirates Of Tortuga
Time97 mins
GenreAdventure; Adult; Action
DirectorRobert D. Webb
ActorKen Scott as Bart Paxton; Leticia Roman as Meg Graham; Dave King as Pee Wee; John Richardson as Percy; Rafer Johnson as John Gammel; Robert Stephens as Henry Morgan; Rachel Stephens as Phoebe; Stanley Adams as Captain Montbars; Edgar Barrier as Sir Thomas Mollyford; James Forrest as Reggie; Patrick Sexton as Randolph; Arthur Gould-Porter as Bonnett; Hortense Petra as Lola; Malcolm Cassell as Kipper; Robert Adler as Merchant
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyEllis W. Carter
PlotAfter a lengthy voyage, Capt. Bart (Ken Scott) docks his ship in a London harbor and is given a new mission by British Admiralty: capture the notorious Henry Morgan (Robert Stephens), a pirate who has been wreaking havoc throughout the Caribbean. After recruiting some former shipmates for his crew, Capt. Bart sets sail in search of the infamous buccaneer, and is joined by a beautiful female stowaway in the process.
ProducerSam Katzman
WriterMelvin Levy; Pat Silver
SubtitlesEnglish; Spanish; English (Closed Captioned)
Pirates Of Tortuga