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Out On A Limb
TitleOut On A Limb
Time105 mins
DirectorFrancis Veber
ActorMatthew Broderick as Bill Campbell; Jeffrey Jones as Matt Skearns / Peter Van Der Haven; Heidi Kling as Sally; John C. Reilly as Jim Jr.; Marian Mercer as Ann Campbell Van Der Haven; Larry Hankin as Officer Darren; David Margulies as Mr. Buchenwald; Courtney Peldon as Marci Campbell; Michael Monks as Jim Sr.; Andrew Benne as Officer Larry; Mickey Jones as Virgil; Nancy Lenehan as Miss Clayton; Noah Craig Andrews as Julius; Ben Diskin as Henry; Adam Wylie as Bob
CinematographyDonald E. Thorin
PlotWhile heading to the town where his sister, Marci, lives, big-city banker Bill Campbell is robbed by a woman who takes everything he has, including his clothes and a business document worth millions of dollars. Bill eventually reunites with Marci, who is in a tizzy because she thinks their stepfather has been killed. While trying to determine if his sister is right, Bill must also get back his valuable paperwork.
ProducerJames Moll; Scott Kroopf
WriterDaniel Goldin; Joshua Goldin
Out On A Limb