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Otogi Zoshi #2: Enemy Shores
TitleOtogi Zoshi #2: Enemy Shores
GenreDrama; Adventure; Anime; Fantasy; Action
DirectorMizuho Nishikubo
ActorDorothy Melendrez as Ibaraki; Michael McConnohie as Minamoto no Mitsunaka; Kim Strauss as Hoshikuma; Barbara Goodson as Narration; Joe Ochman as Minister of the Right; Jeffrey Stackhouse as Shuten Doji; Megan Hollingshead as Additional Voices; Mari Devon as Kuzume; Akira Fujita as Additional Voices; Dave Mallow as Onmyoji / Tabigeinin A; Jason Charles Miller as Additional Voices; Tony Oliver as Totate; Bob Papenbrook as Additional Voices; Sam Riegel as Additional Voices; Steven Schatzberg as Additional Voices
CinematographyMiki Sakuma
PlotThe story is divided in two story arcs. The 'Heian Chapter' takes place in Kyoto during the Heian period and follows Minamoto no Hikaru, the younger sister of Minamoto no Raik?, on a quest to save Japan. The 'Tokyo Chapter' follows the reincarnations of Hikaru and her comrades as the ancient evils of days past manifest themselves in present-day Tokyo.
ProducerJohn Sirabella
Otogi Zoshi #2: Enemy Shores