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Order Matthew barney Cremaster 3
TitleOrder Matthew barney Cremaster 3
Time151 mins
GenreDrama; Fantasy; Musical
DirectorMatthew Barney
EditionSpecial Edition
ActorRichard Serra as Hiram Abiff; Matthew Barney as The Entered Apprentice; Aimee Mullins as The Entered Novitiate / Oonagh MacCumhail; Paul Brady as Cloud Club Maitre D'; Terry Gillespie as Cloud Club Barman; Mike Bocchetti as Grand Master; David Edward Campbell as Grand Master; James Pantoleon as Grand Master; Jim Tooey as Grand Master; Nesrin Karanouh as Gary Gilmore; Peter Donald Badalamenti II as Fionn MacCumhail; The Mighty Biggs as Fingal; Heather Coker as Dancer; James Drescher as Lead Singer - Murphy's Law; Todd Christian Hunter as Mason
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyPeter Strietmann
PlotCREMASTER 3 (2002) is set in New York City and narrates the construction of the Chrysler Building, which is in itself a character - host to inner, antagonistic forces at play for access to the process of (spiritual) transcendence. These factions find form in the struggle between Hiram Abiff or the Architect ...
ProducerMatthew Barney; Chelsea Romersa
WriterMatthew Barney
Order Matthew barney Cremaster 3