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Orange Thief
TitleOrange Thief
Time84 mins
GenreComedy; Foreign
DirectorVinnie Angel; Boogie Dean
ActorAndrea Calabrese as The Thief; Alessio Giottoli as Turrido Lamafina; Micaela Helvetica Saxer as Rosalba; Cesare Riatti as Salesman; Nucio Inocenzi as Prison Guard; Jean Marc Burger as French Tourist; Cecilia Genovese Sabbianera as Chiangiabriaccia; Bernardo Cirulla as Fucilistae Thug; Salvo Dazzo as Central Thug; Naomi Schembi as Mattress Girl
RatingPG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
CinematographyJim Reed; Vinnie Angel; Boogie Dean; Arthur Wilinski
PlotLiving on the outer boundaries of society, the eponymous orange thief and some other country-wise ruffians steal fruit for sustenance, sale, and the sheer excitement of courting danger. After the thief ends up in a Sicilian jail, his life takes an unexpected turn when his bunkmate promises him a deal.
ProducerJoe Nicolo; Vinnie Angel
WriterVinnie Angel; Boogie Dean
Orange Thief