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Odd Couple: Season 1
TitleOdd Couple: Season 1
Time698 mins
DirectorGarry Marshall; Jerry Paris
ActorTony Randall as Felix Unger; Jack Klugman as Oscar Madison; Al Molinaro as Officer Murray Greshler; Garry Walberg as Speed; Larry Gelman as Vinnie; Ryan MacDonald as Roy; Albert Brooks as Rudy; Carole Shelley as Gwendolyn; Monica Evans as Cecily; Joan Hotchkis as Dr. Nancy Cunningham; Christopher Shea as Phillip; Ogden Talbot as Messenger Boy; Joyce Van Patten as Phyllis; Peter Brocco as Max Turner; Richard Stahl as Florist
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyLester Shorr
Plot'On November 13, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence. (Unger's unseen wife slams door. She reopens it and angrily hands Felix his saucepan) That request came from his wife. Deep down, he knew she was right, but he also knew that someday, he would return to her. With nowhere else to go, he appeared at the home of his childhood friend, Oscar Madison. Sometime earlier, Madison's wife had thrown him out, requesting that he never return. Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy?'
ProducerCharles Shyer; Garry Marshall
WriterCharles Shyer; Garry Marshall
SubtitlesEnglish (Closed Captioned)
Odd Couple: Season 1