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Necessary Roughness (no case)
TitleNecessary Roughness (no case)
Time108 mins
GenreComedy; Romance; Sports
DirectorStan Dragoti
ActorScott Bakula as Paul Blake; Hector Elizondo as Coach Ed Gennero; Robert Loggia as Coach Wally Rig; Harley Jane Kozak as Dr. Suzanne Carter; Larry Miller as Dean Phillip Elias; Sinbad as Andre Krimm; Fred Dalton Thompson as Carver Purcell; Rob Schneider as Chuck Neiderman; Jason Bateman as Jarvis Edison; Andrew Bryniarski as Wyatt Beaudry; Duane Davis as Featherstone; Michael Dolan as Eric 'Samorai' Hansen; Marcus Giamatti as Sargie 'Fumblina' Wilkinson; Kathy Ireland as Lucy Draper; Andrew Lauer as Charlie Banks
CinematographyPeter Stein
PlotWhen the Texas Southern Armadillos football team is disqualified for cheating and poor grades, the University is forced to pick from a team that actually goes to school. Will they even win a single game?
ProducerMace Neufeld; Hawk Koch
WriterRick Natkin; David Fuller
Necessary Roughness (no case)