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King Of The Royal Mounted
TitleKing Of The Royal Mounted
Time211 mins
GenreAdventure; Western; Action
DirectorJohn English; William Witney
ActorAllan Lane as Dave King; Robert Strange as John Kettler; Robert Kellard as Tom Merritt / Jr.; Lita Conway as Linda Merritt; Herbert Rawlinson as Ross King chs 1-4; Harry Cording as Wade Garson; Bryant Washburn as Matt Crandall; Budd Buster as Vinegar Smith; Stanley Andrews as Tom Merritt Sr. Ch. 1; John Davidson as Shelton Chs 4 / 5; John Dilson as Wall Ch. 1; Paul McVey as Zarnoff Ch. 1; Lucien Prival as Johnson Ch. 1; Norman Willis as Tarner Chs. 1 / 12; Tony Paton as LeCouteau
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyWilliam Nobles
PlotThe Canadians have discovered a valuable substance called Compound X, which can cure infantile paralysis. When a country at war with Canada learns that Compound X also contains magnetic properties that could aid them in their warfare against the British, they send agents to infiltrate Canada and steal a large quantity of the substance. It's up to Sgt. King (Allan Lane) and his Mounties to track down the agents and put an end to their scheme.
ProducerHiram S. Brown Jr.
WriterFranklin Adreon; Norman S. Hall
King Of The Royal Mounted