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Is Paris Burning?
TitleIs Paris Burning?
Time172 mins
GenreDrama; War; History; Foreign
DirectorRene Clement
EditionWidescreen DVD Collection
ActorJean-Paul Belmondo as Pierrelot - Yvon Morandat; Charles Boyer as Docteur Monod; Leslie Caron as Fran�oise Lab�; Jean-Pierre Cassel as Lieutenant Henri Karcher; George Chakiris as GI in Tank; Bruno Cremer as Colonel Rol-Tanguy; Claude Dauphin as Colonel Lebel; Alain Delon as Jacques Chaban-Delmas; Kirk Douglas as Gen. George S. Patton Jr.; Pierre Dux as Cerat - Alexandre Parodi; Glenn Ford as Lt. Gen. Omar N. Bradley; Gert Fr�be as General Dietrich von Choltitz; Daniel G�lin as Yves Bayet; Georges G�ret as The Baker; Hannes Messemer as General Jodl
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyMarcel Grignon
PlotThe title is Adolf Hitler's question to his chief of staff Alfred Jodl on the eve of the liberation of Paris (August 25): the military governor of Paris, General Dietrich von Choltitz, had been ordered to destroy Paris rather than let it fall undamaged into the hands of the Allies, but von Choltitz disobeyed.The film follows historical events as U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, head of the Allied invasion, refuses to divert troops to liberate Paris. His hand is forced by the French military leader, Philippe Leclerc, and by a Resistance uprising in the city. Von Choltitz keeps details of the uprising from the German high command in an effort to save the city being destroyed in retaliation. The film follows his turmoil as a soldier and as the man who doesn't wish to be seen by history as the cause of a beautiful city's destruction.
ProducerPaul Graetz
WriterFrancis Ford Coppola; Yves Boisset
SubtitlesEnglish (Closed Captioned)
Is Paris Burning?