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I Am Omega
TitleI Am Omega
Time90 mins
GenreHorror; Science Fiction; Thriller; Action
DirectorGriff Furst
ActorMark Dacascos as Renchard; Geoff Meed as Vincent; Jennifer Lee Wiggins as Brianna; Ryan Lloyd as Mike; Joshua Schlegel as Renchard's Son; Gregory Paul Smith as Various Zombies; Matthew Bolton as Tunnel Zombie; Myles McLane as Mutant Zombie; Frank Forbes as Cop Zombie; Afton Forbes as Girl Zombie; Hayden Forbes as Little Boy Zombie; Charles Peeke Jr. as Big Zombie; Wil Braithwaite as Various Zombies; Marlon Nash as Various Zombies; Bob Landau as Various Zombies
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyAlexander Yellen
PlotThe Last Man Alive Must Battle a Planet of the Dead. [An Asylum film.]
ProducerDavid Michael Latt; Paul Bales
WriterRichard Matheson; Geoff Meed
I Am Omega