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Hot Dog: The Movie
TitleHot Dog: The Movie
Time96 mins
DirectorPeter Markle
ActorDavid Naughton as Dan; Patrick Houser as Harkin; Tracy Smith as Sunny; John Patrick Reger as Rudi; Frank Koppala as Squirrel; James Saito as Kendo; Shannon Tweed as Sylvia Fonda; George Theobald as Slasher; Mark Vance as Heinz; Erik Watson as Fergy; Lynn Wieland as Michelle; Sandy Hackett as T-Shirt Contest M.C.; Crystal Smith as Motel Clerk; Peter Vogt as Fader Black; Robert Fuhrmann as Rick Lauter
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyPaul Ryan
PlotWhen a hopeful young American hot-dogger goes pole-to-pole with an arrogant Austrian pro, the snow really starts to fly! But as hot as it is on the mountain, it gets even hotter off when the pro's ex-girlfriend (Tweed) sets her eyes on the new blood. Who'll win the competition and the girl? Only a race to end all races can determine which skier can really cut the mustard!
ProducerMike Marvin; Edward S. Feldman
WriterMike Marvin
SubtitlesEnglish; French; Spanish; English (Closed Captioned)
Hot Dog: The Movie