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Time97 mins
GenreComedy; Adventure; Thriller; Crime; Action
DirectorDeran Sarafian
ActorChristopher Lambert as Dani Servigo; Mario Van Peebles as Cole Parker; Denis Leary as Armor O'Malley; Patrick Stewart as Loomis; Kadeem Hardison as Izzy; Sally Kirkland as Bennett; Richard C. Sarafian as Chief Chavez; Robert Harper as Rance; Brenda Bakke as Maria; James Chalke as Java; Humberto Elizondo as Guzman; Andaluz Russell as Guzman's Wife; Tamara Shanath as Guzman's Daughter; Deran Sarafian as Bishop; Christopher Michael as Rhodes
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyHiro Narita
PlotDrug baron Peter Loomis (Patrick Stewart) has his $400 million dollar drug fortune stolen in South America. Loomis sends Armor O'Malley (Denis Leary), a ruthless killer to find his money. Cole Parker (Mario Van Peebles), a DEA Agent is on a South American mission of justice and revenge. He is sent to find his father's killer. Cole busts an eccentric smuggler, Dani Servigo (Christopher Lambert) to help Cole to find the smuggler's brother's money that he has stolen from Loomis. But O'Malley wants to find the fortune for himself. In a Cat and Mouse game, Cole and Dani are forced to help each other to find the missing fortune while trying to avoid O'Malley and his men. Together, Servigo and Parker search for the boat.
ProducerJohn Davis; Lance Hool
WriterStephen Sommers