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Give A Girl A Break
TitleGive A Girl A Break
Time82 mins
GenreComedy; Drama; Music; Musical; Romance
DirectorStanley Donen
ActorMarge Champion as Madelyn Corlane; Gower Champion as Ted Sturgis; Debbie Reynolds as Suzy Doolittle; Dolly Sharp as Mrs. Olga Bradshaw / Joanna Moss; Bob Fosse as Bob Dowdy; Kurt Kasznar as Leo Belney; Richard Anderson as Burton Bradshaw; William Ching as Anson Prichett; Lurene Tuttle as Mrs. Doolittle; Larry Keating as Felix Jordan; Donna Martell as Janet Hallson; Dorothy Abbott as Chorine; Jimmy Ames as Joe; Brandon Beach as Show Spectator; Margaret Bert as Fanny
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyWilliam C. Mellor
PlotWhen the temperamental star of a new Broadway musical revue in rehearsals walks out, director and choreographer Ted Sturgis suggests casting an unknown for the role. When it is announced in the newspapers, throngs of hopefuls show up. The revue's musical composer, Leo Belney, champions ballerina Joanna Moss, while gofer Bob Dowdy is enchanted by novice Suzy Doolittle. Then producer Felix Jordan persuades Ted's former dance partner, Madelyn Corlan, to come out of retirement to try out, much to Ted's great discomfort.
ProducerJack Cummings
WriterFrances Goodrich; Albert Hackett
Give A Girl A Break