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Gardens Of The Night
TitleGardens Of The Night
Time110 mins
GenreDrama; Crime
DirectorDamian Harris
ActorGillian Jacobs as Leslie; John Malkovich as Michael; Ryan Simpkins as Young Leslie; Tom Arnold as Alex; Kevin Zegers as Frank; Jermaine Scooter Smith as Young Donnie; Harold Perrineau as Orlando; Jeremy Sisto as Jimmy; Raynold Gideon as Judge Feeney; Cornelia Guest as Mrs. Feeney; Natalie May as Judge's Daughter; Ben Lin as Pa; Alice Lo as Ma; Evan Ross as Donnie; Landall Goolsby as Blackberry John
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyPaula Huidobro
PlotAfter being abducted as children, and suffering years of abuse, a teenage boy and girl find themselves living on the street.
ProducerDamian Harris; Pascal Franchot
WriterDamian Harris
Gardens Of The Night