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Don Mckay
TitleDon Mckay
Time87 mins
GenreDrama; Thriller; Crime; Mystery
DirectorJake Goldberger
ActorThomas Haden Church as Don McKay; Rachel Harker as School Secretary; Stephen Benson as Principal Edwards; M. Emmet Walsh as Samuel; Melissa Leo as Marie; Elisabeth Shue as Sonny; Amanda George as Clerk; James Rebhorn as Dr. Lance Pryce; Bates Wilder as Officer Tierney; Keith David as Otis Kent; Melissa Rosal as Hostess; Meagan Hawkes as Colleen Simmons; Dossy Peabody as Cafeteria Worker; Robert Wahlberg as Alfred; Pruitt Taylor Vince as Mel
CinematographyPhil Parmet
PlotEverything appears off-kilter when a man returns to his hometown after 25 years to visit his former lover.
ProducerThomas Haden Church; David Denney
WriterJake Goldberger
Don Mckay