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Disorderly Orderly
TitleDisorderly Orderly
Time89 mins
GenreComedy; Romance
DirectorFrank Tashlin
ActorJerry Lewis as Jerome Littlefield; Glenda Farrell as Dr. Jean Howard; Susan Oliver as Susan Andrews; Karen Sharpe as Julie Blair; Kathleen Freeman as Nurse Maggie Higgins; Everett Sloane as Mr. Tuffington; Del Moore as Dr. Davenport; Alice Pearce as Mrs. Fuzzibee; Milton Frome as Board Member; John Macchia as Orderly; Jack E. Leonard as Fat Jack; Barbara Nichols as Miss Marlowe; Muriel Landers as Millicent; Frank J. Scannell as Milton M. Mealy; Frank Alesia as Interne
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyW. Wallace Kelley
PlotThe Disorderly Orderly is a 1964 American comedy film released by Paramount Pictures, and starring Jerry Lewis. The film was produced by Paul Jones with a screenplay by director Frank Tashlin, based on a story by Norm Liebermann and Ed Haas.
ProducerJerry Lewis; Paul Jones
WriterFrank Tashlin; Ed Haas
SubtitlesEnglish; English (Closed Captioned); Spanish
Disorderly Orderly