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Audioslave: Live In Cuba
TitleAudioslave: Live In Cuba
Time44 mins
GenreMusic; Documentary
DirectorLawrence Jordan
ActorChris Cornell as Himself - Vocals / Guitar; Tim Commerford as Himself (Bass & Vocals); Brad Wilk as Himself (Drums); Tom Morello as Himself (Guitars)
PlotLive in Cuba is the first live DVD of the American hard rock band Audioslave, containing footage of the free concert that the band performed in Cuba in front of over 70,000 people. The concert itself is considered to be an historical event, as it marks the first time in Cuban history that an American rock band has been permitted to perform within the country. The DVD features the show itself, and also a 37 minute documentary based on the band and their time spent in Cuba. According to Chris Cornell (said during the concert), at the time the concert was performed it was the longest one that Audioslave had played.
ProducerDaniel E. Catullo; Joseph Sassone
Audioslave: Live In Cuba