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Alone In Berlin
TitleAlone In Berlin
Time103 mins
GenreDrama; War; Thriller
DirectorVincent Perez
ActorMikael Persbrandt as SS Officer Prall; Emma Thompson as Anna Quangel; Daniel Br�hl as Escherich; Brendan Gleeson as Otto Quangel; Louis Hofmann as Hans Quangel; Katharina Sch�ttler as Claire Gehrich; Godehard Giese as Colonel Kr�ger; Joshua Grothe as August Persicke; Jacob Matschenz as Dietrich Necker; Uwe Preuss as Persicke; Rafael Gareisen as Herbert Wegner; Luisa Wolf as Secretary; Lars Rudolph as Enno Kluge; Rainer Reiners as Salesman Franz Kanz; Sanne Schnapp as Female Worker Helene Scholz
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyChristophe Beaucarne
PlotBerlin in June of 1940. While Nazi propaganda celebrates the regime�s victory over France, a kitchen-cum-living room in Prenzlauer Berg is filled with grief. Anna and Otto Quangel�s son has been killed at the front. This working class couple had long believed in the �F�hrer� and followed him willingly, but now they realise that his promises are nothing but lies and deceit. They begin writing postcards as a form of resistance and in a bid to raise awareness: Stop the war machine! Kill Hitler! Putting their lives at risk, they distribute these cards in the entrances of tenement buildings and in stairwells. But the SS and the Gestapo are soon onto them, and even their neighbours pose a threat.
ProducerAlison Thompson; James Schamus
WriterAchim von Borries; Vincent Perez
Alone In Berlin