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13 Minutes
Title13 Minutes
Time110 mins
GenreDrama; History; War
DirectorOliver Hirschbiegel
ActorChristian Friedel as Georg Elser; Katharina Sch�ttler as Elsa; Burghart Klau�ner as Arthur Nebe; Johann von B�low as Heinrich M�ller; Felix Eitner as Hans Eberle; David Zimmerschied as Josef Schurr; Rudiger Klink as Erich; Simon Licht as SS Obergruppenf�hrer; Cornelia K�ndgen as Maria Elser; Martin Maria Abram as Ludwig Elser; Michael Kranz as Franz Xaver Lechner; Gerti Drassl as Lore; Lissy Pernthaler as Protokollf�hrerin; Valentina Repetto as Brunhilde; Anna Unterberger as Anna
CinematographyJudith Kaufmann
PlotThe breath-taking story of a man who nearly would have changed the world. In 1939, when Hitler tricked millions of people at the height of his power, radical Georg Elser�disparaged as an assassin�is one of the greatest resistance fighters.
ProducerFred Breinersdorfer; Andreas Schreitm�ller
WriterFred Breinersdorfer; Leonie-Claire Breinersdorfer
13 Minutes