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When Men carried Clubs and Women Played Ding Dong
TitleWhen Men carried Clubs and Women Played Ding Dong
Time86 mins
GenreComedy; Late Night
DirectorBruno Corbucci
ActorAntonio Sabato as Ari; Aldo Giuffre as Gott; Vittorio Caprioli as Gran Profe; Nadia Cassini as Listra; Howard Ross as Mash; Elio Pandolfi as Lonno; Lucretia Love as Lella; Pia Giancaro as Bea; Gisela Hahn as Sissi; Valeria Fabrizi; Sandro Dori; Vittorio Congia; Elio Crovetto; Gerry Bruno as Runt; Patrizia Adiutori
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyFausto Zuccoli
PlotPrehistoric cave-stud Ari wins lovely virgin Listra in a pig-catching contest, but their attempts at 'Ding-Dong' keep getting interrupted by idiot battles between his tribe, The Cave Dwellers, and their neighbors, The Lake Dwellers. Annoyed that hubby would rather make war than Ding-Dong, Listra organizes the women of both tribes to go on strike and 'abstain Ding-Dong' until the men stop fighting. It all happens back in the days when men carried clubs and women played ding-dong, an Italian stone-age sex comedy based on the Greek classic 'Lysistrata' and filled with shapely cavewomen sporting '70s hairstyles, a gay caveman with the hots for the hero, a title tune that will follow you forever and, of course, plenty of old-fashioned Ding-Dong!
ProducerEdmondo Amati
WriterBruno Corbucci; Fabio Pittorru
When Men carried Clubs and Women Played Ding Dong