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Special Delivery
TitleSpecial Delivery
Time60 mins
DirectorRoscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle
ActorEddie Cantor as Eddie Beagle - the Mail Carrier; Jobyna Ralston as Madge Warren; William Powell as Harold Jones; Mabel Julienne Scott as Mrs. Jones; Jack Dougherty as Flannigan - the Cop; Donald Keith as Harrigan - the Fireman; Louis Stern as John Beagle; Mary Carr as The Mother; Paul Kelly as Tuck - Another Detective; Victor Potel as Nip - the Detective; Marilyn Cantor Baker as Little Girl on Street; Marjorie Cantor as Little Girl on Street; Natalie Cantor as Little Girl on Street; Tiny Doll as Baby on Eddie's Route; Robert Livingston as Postal Ball Guest
CinematographyHarry Hallenberger
PlotThe second and last of Eddie Cantor's silent vehicles, Special Delivery casts the wide-eyed comedian as a hapless mailman. While going through his swiftly appointed rounds, Eddie stumbles upon a gang of crooks who are planning a large-scale confidence scam. He exposes the villains and wins the love of heroine Madge (Jobyna Ralston). Though Cantor was a fine physical comic, he didn't truly score in films until the arrival of talkies allowed his fans to hear as well as see him. Special Delivery was directed by 'William Goodrich,' who in reality was comedian Fatty Arbuckle, hoping to stage a comeback after the sex scandal that destroyed his career.
ProducerAdolph Zukor; Jesse L. Lasky
WriterLarry Semon; Eddie Cantor
Special Delivery