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Snakes On A Train
TitleSnakes On A Train
Time91 mins
GenreHorror; Thriller; Action
DirectorPeter Mervis
EditionWidescreen Edition
ActorA.J. Castro as Brujo; Julia Ruiz as Alma; Giovanni Bejarano as Miguel; Al Galvez as Julio; Amelia Jackson-Gray as Crystal; Shannon Gayle Hurd as Summer; Stephen A.F. Day as Conductor; Isaac Wade as Martin; Carolyn Meyer as Klara; Lola Forsberg as Lani; Madeleine Falk as Nancy; Derek Osedach as Mitch; Jay Costelo as Juan; Jason S. Gray as Chico; Sean Durrie as Dickie
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyMark Atkins
PlotUnder a powerful Mayan curse, snakes are hatched inside a young woman, slowly devouring her from within. Her only chance for survival is a powerful shaman who lives across the border. With only hours to live, she jumps on a train headed for Los Angeles. Unfortunately for the passengers aboard, they are now trapped, soon to be victims of these flesh-eating vipers.
ProducerDavid Michael Latt; Rick Walker
WriterEric Forsberg
Snakes On A Train