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Population: 1
TitlePopulation: 1
Time205 mins
GenreMusic; Science Fiction; Musical; Fantasy
DirectorRene Daalder
ActorTomata Du Plenty; Dino Lee; Helen Heaven; Sheela Edwards; Nancye Ferguson; Holly Small; Jane Gaskill; El Duce; Tony Baldwin; Gorilla Rose; Tequila Mockingbird; Anthony-James Ryan; Mike Doud; Steve Berlin; David Campbell
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyJ�rg V. Walther
PlotA defense contractor who somehow becomes the sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust. In his solitude, he traces the history of U.S. civilization in the 20th century through musical numbers.
ProducerJoseph Kaufman; Bianca Daalder
WriterRene Daalder
Population: 1