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Ned Kelly 1970 jagger
TitleNed Kelly 1970 jagger
Time103 mins
GenreAction; Biography; Crime; Drama; Western
DirectorTony Richardson
ActorMick Jagger as Ned Kelly; Clarissa Kaye-Mason as Mrs. Kelly; Mark McManus as Joe Byrne; Ken Goodlet as Supt. Nicholson; Frank Thring as Judge Barry; Bruce Barry as George King; Tony Bazell as Mr. Scott; Allen Bickford as Dan Kelly; Robert Bruning as Sgt. Steele; Alexander Cann as McInnes; David Copping as Curnow; Diane Craig as Maggie Kelly; Gerry Duggan as Father O'Hea; Geoff Gilmour as Steve Hart; Anne Harvey as Mrs. Devine
CinematographyGerry Fisher
PlotUnable to support his family in the Australian outback, a man turns to stealing horses in order to make money. He gets more deeply drawn into the outlaw life, and eventually becomes involved in murders. Based on the life of famed 19th-century Australian outlaw Ned Kelly.
ProducerNeil Hartley
WriterTony Richardson; Ian Jones
Ned Kelly 1970 jagger