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Mutant Girls Squad
TitleMutant Girls Squad
Time85 mins
GenreHorror; Science Fiction; Thriller; Action; Foreign
DirectorNoboru Iguchi; Yoshihiro Nishimura
ActorAsami as Eyepatched Assassin; Tak Sakaguchi as Kisaragi; Yoshihiro Nishimura as Exploding Head Soldier; Naoto Takenaka as Minister of Ministry of Defense Koshimizu; Noboru Iguchi as Ancient Nobleman; Cay Izumi as Mutant Girl - Breast Swords; Kanji Tsuda as Rin's Father; Y�ko Takayama as Rei; Yumi Sugimoto as Rin; Maki Mizui as Astro-Mutant; Kotono; Maiko It�; Suzuka Morita as Yoshie; Yui Murata; Maya Fukuzawa
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyShu G. Momose
PlotRin a young high school student is your everyday awkward girl who gets bullied by her fellow students. On her 16th birthday, Rin gets an unexpected surprise: she finds out that she is, on her father's side, a half-mutant.
ProducerYoshinori Chiba; Toshiki Kimura
WriterNoboru Iguchi; Jun Tsugita
Mutant Girls Squad