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Madwoman Of Chaillot
TitleMadwoman Of Chaillot
Time132 mins
GenreComedy; Drama
DirectorBryan Forbes
ActorKatharine Hepburn as Countess Aurelia - the Madwoman of Chaillot; Paul Henreid as The General; Oskar Homolka as The Commissar; Yul Brynner as The Chairman; Richard Chamberlain as Roderick; Edith Evans as Josephine; Donald Pleasence as The Prospector; Joellina Smadja as Prospector's Girlfriend; Henri Virlojeux as The Pedlar; John Gavin as The Reverend; Gordon Heath as The Folksinger; Nanette Newman as Irma; George Hilsdon as Waiter; Henri Cogan as Waiter; Gerald Sim as Julius
RatingG (General Audience)
CinematographyClaude Renoir; Burnett Guffey
PlotAn eccentric Parisian woman's optimistic perception of life begins to sound more rational than the rather traditional beliefs of others.
ProducerEly A. Landau; Anthony B. Unger
WriterEdward Anhalt; Jean Giraudoux
Madwoman Of Chaillot