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Love In A Cold Climate
TitleLove In A Cold Climate
Time150 mins
GenreComedy; Drama
DirectorTom Hooper
ActorElisabeth Dermot Walsh as Linda; Javier Alcina as Juan; Rosamund Pike as Fanny; Megan Dodds as Polly; Sara Weymouth as Polly's Nurse; Frances Barber as The Bolter; Sarah Badel as Lady Kroesig; C�d�ric Deruyt�re as Young immigrant; John Light as Christian; John Hopkins as Robert Parker; Zoe Waites as Lavender Davies; Christian Coulson as Matt; John Wood as Lord Merlin; Daniel Evans as Cedric; Samuel Labarthe as Fabrice
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyLarry Smith
PlotAdaptation of Nancy Mitford's novel.
ProducerKate Harwood; Rebecca Eaton
WriterDeborah Moggach; Nancy Mitford
Love In A Cold Climate