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Time60 mins
DirectorJonny Campbell; Miranda Bowen
ActorStephen Campbell Moore as Lieutenant Ed Laithwaite; Richard Dillane as Harvey Tilbrook; Ben Miles as Major Harry Markham; Jessica Raine as Alison Laithwaite; Chris Reilly as Sergeant Alex Baxter; Amanda Drew as Mary Markham; Tom Glynn-Carney as Lance Corporal Tony Armstrong; Jessie Buckley as Honor Martin; Kevin Sutton as Corporal Israel Orchover; Louis Greatorex as Lance Corporal Paul Stoneham; Ouidad Elma as Yusra Saeed; Jeremy Neumark Jones as Captain Joe Martin; Toby Woolf as George Markham; Essie Davis as Martha Franklin; Aymen Hamdouchi as Kadir Hakim
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyDavid Luther; Tony Slater Ling
PlotDrama series set in the mid-sixties, in which a unit of Royal Military Police officers and their families deal with the challenges of politics, love and war in British-controlled Aden.
ProducerGeorge Faber; Peter Moffat
WriterPeter Moffat; Mick Collins
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