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In a Glass cage Tras El Cristal
TitleIn a Glass cage Tras El Cristal
Time108 mins
GenreDrama; Foreign; Horror; Suspense; Thriller
DirectorAgustin Villaronga
Edition2-Disc Special Edition
ActorG�nter Meisner as Klaus; David Sust as Angelo; Marisa Paredes as Griselda; Gisele Echevarria as Rena; Imma Colomer as Jornalera; Josue Guasch as Ni�o Cantor; David Cuspinera as Ni�o barracon; Ricardo Carcelero as Angelo Ni�o; Alberto Manzano as Ni�o Gitano
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyJaume Peracaula
PlotA Nazi doctor who had a fetish for young boys feels guilt after torturing and murdering his latest victim, and throws himself off a roof. Some years later, the doctor, confined to an iron lung, accepts as his nurse a boy who secretly witnessed that killing.
ProducerTeresa Enrich
WriterAgustin Villaronga
In a Glass cage Tras El Cristal