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Girl In The Box
TitleGirl In The Box
Time87 mins
DirectorStephen Kemp
ActorZane Holtz as Cameron Hooker; Zelda Williams as Janice Hooker; Brittany Allen as Bonnie; Matt Cooke as Jack; Shawn Wright as Priest #1; Bill Lake as Desk Officer; Shileen Paton as Angel; Vivian Wright as Amber; Adrian Griffin as Priest #2; Nathaniel Burns as Man at Lay-By #1; Kimball Farley as College Kid #4; Rob Hartz as Landlord; Sean Ryan McBride as College Kid #2; Hugh McCrae Jr. as College Kid #3; Jabari Overstreet as College Kid #1
CinematographyFraser Brown
PlotA hitchhiking woman is abducted by a young couple and held captive for seven years, during which time she's tortured and forced to live as a slave to her captors.
ProducerCharles Tremayne; Thomas Vencelides
WriterStephen Kemp
Girl In The Box