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Final Cut  1998 Jude Law
TitleFinal Cut 1998 Jude Law
Time93 mins
GenreDrama; Thriller
DirectorDominic Anciano; Ray Burdis
ActorRay Winstone as Ray; Jude Law as Jude; Sadie Frost as Sadie; John Beckett as John; William Scully as Bill; Mark Burdis as Mark; Perry Benson as Tony; Lisa Marsh as Lisa; Ray Burdis as Burdis; Dominic Anciano as Dominic; Charlotte Andrew; Ali Brown; Victor Bruce; Simon Chapman; Serna Cook
CinematographyJohn Ward
PlotA group of friends gather for a wake, and are shown a video shot by Jude (Jude Law) and starring them before he dies. Things go rapidly downhill.
ProducerDavid Green; Jim Beach
WriterDominic Anciano; Ray Burdis
Final Cut  1998 Jude Law