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Time103 mins
GenreDrama; Mystery; Foreign
DirectorAtom Egoyan
ActorBruce Greenwood as Francis / Tax auditor; Mia Kirshner as Christina / Stripper; Don McKellar as Thomas / Petshop owner; Elias Koteas as Eric / Club's DJ; Arsinee Khanjian as Zoe / Club owner; Victor Garber as Harold / Francis' brother; Sarah Polley as Tracey / Harold's daughter; David Hemblen as Customs Inspector; Calvin Green as Customs Officer; Jack Blum as Scalper; Ken McDougall as Club Doorman; Peter Krantz as Man in Taxi; Billy Merasty as Man at Opera; Damon D'Oliveira as David / Man at Opera; Maury Chaykin as Exotica Club Client
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyPaul Sarossy
PlotIn the upscale Toronto strip club Exotica, dancer Christina is visited nightly by the obsessive Francis, a depressed tax auditor. Her ex-boyfriend, the club's MC, Eric, still jealously pines for her even as he introduces her onstage, but Eric is having his own relationship problems with the club's female owner. Thomas, a mysterious pet-shop owner, is about to become unexpectedly involved in their lives.
ProducerAtom Egoyan; Robert Lantos
WriterAtom Egoyan