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Decision At Sundown
TitleDecision At Sundown
Time77 mins
GenreAdventure; Western; Romance; Action
DirectorBudd Boetticher
ActorRandolph Scott as Bart Allison; John Carroll as Tate Kimbrough; Karen Steele as Lucy Summerton; Valerie French as Ruby James; Noah Beery Jr. as Sam; John Archer as Dr. John Storrow; Andrew Duggan as Sheriff Swede Hansen; James Westerfield as Otis; John Litel as Charles Summerton; Ray Teal as Morley Chase; Vaughn Taylor as Mr. Baldwin; Richard Deacon as Reverend Zaron; H.M. Wynant as Spanish; John Barton as Barfly; Frank Chase as Morley's Henchman
CinematographyBurnett Guffey
PlotBart Allison arrives in Sundown after a three year search for Tate Kimbrough. Although it is Kimbrough's wedding day, Allison makes it clear he blames him for the death of his wife and is out to kill him. A shoot-out in the church puts the wedding on hold and Allison and his trail-buddy hole up in the livery stable. But the reasons for his actions become increasingly unclear, while the town starts to wonder about the grip Kimbrough has over them.
ProducerRandolph Scott; Harry Joe Brown
WriterCharles Lang; Vernon L. Fluharty
Decision At Sundown