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Time91 mins
GenreAdventure; Action
DirectorDwight H. Little
ActorBrett Stimely as Sandy McVey; Rajinikanth as Shyam Sabu; Anna Nicholas as Stephanie; Charlie Brill as Inspector Ramesh; Jack Kehler as Paul Lorre; Christopher Neame as Van Hoeven; Tej Sapru as Manu; Bob Christo as Haggerty; Deep Dhillon as Tanjeer; Carol Teesdale as Anna; Laura Albert as Kim Chi; Marjean Holden as Shirley; Dhanushkodi as Maniam; Bill Marley as British Couple; Janet Lord as British Couple
RatingPG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
CinematographyEric Anderson
PlotWhen an newlywed American couple goes to India on their honeymoon, little do they realize that they were about to go on the adventure of their life time. A ruby, back from the ages of the Indian Maharajas has been stolen and placed in the backpack of the Americans. When the bad guys realize this, they kidnap the wife.. Now the husband and his Indian friend (played by a famous Tamil Indian actor) must go out to save the wife. But along the way, they are confronted with many challenges, like the Indian bad guys who steal the ruby from them! Overall a great movie, especially if you've ever been to Tamil India! And even if you haven't, here's your chance to see what an American action movie can be like when filmed on the other side of the world!
ProducerNico Mastorakis; Ashok Amritraj
WriterNico Mastorakis; Curt Allen