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Langoliers -vhs
TitleLangoliers -vhs
Time180 mins
GenreDrama; Horror; Mystery; Science Fiction
DirectorTom Holland
ActorTom Holland as Harker; Patricia Wettig as Laurel Stevenson; Kate Maberly as Dinah Bellman; Mark Lindsay Chapman as Nick Hopewell; Julie Arnold Lisnet as Aunt Vicki; Frankie Faison as Don Gaffney; Baxter Harris as Rudy Warwick; Michael Louden as Richard Logan; Christopher Collet as Albert Kaussner; Kymberly Dakin as Doris Heartman; Kimber Riddle as Bethany Simms; David Morse as Brian Engle; David Forrester as Danny Keene; Bronson Pinchot as Craig Toomy; Chris Hendrie as James Deegan
RatingPG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
CinematographyPaul Maibaum
PlotMost of the passengers on an airplane disappear, and the remainder land the plane in a mysteriously barren airport.
ProducerMichael Gornick; Mitchell Galin
WriterTom Holland; Stephen King
SubtitlesEnglish (Closed Captioned)
Langoliers -vhs