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Woman Of Substance: Season 1
TitleWoman Of Substance: Season 1
Time312 mins
GenreDrama; Family; Romance
DirectorDon Sharp
ActorLiam Neeson as Blackie O'Neill; Miranda Richardson as Paula McGill Amory; Barry Bostwick as Major Paul McGill; George Baker as Bruce McGill; Diane Baker as Laura O'Neill; Peter Egan as Adam Fairley; John Mills as Henry Rossiter; Meg Wynn Owen as Elizabeth Harte; Deborah Kerr as Emma Harte; Barry Morse as Murgatroyd; Harry Landis as Abraham Kallinski; Megs Jenkins as Mrs. Turner; Dominic Guard as Winston Harte; Del Henney as Jack Harte; Jenny Seagrove as Young Emma Harte
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyErnest Vincze
PlotA Woman of Substance charts the life of Emma Harte, from kitchen maid at the beginning of the 20th Century, to respected business woman and Grandmother in the 1980's. From humble beginnings Emma Harte starts her business with a small shop, but over the next twenty years she expands her stores and invests in the growing textile industry in Leeds. By the time of World War 2, Emma is the head of a major retail and manufacturing empire, but she has struggled all her life to find love. After an illegitimate daughter and two marriages, she finally meets the love of her life, Paul McGill, but their affair is cut short by a tragic accident, leaving Emma with his daughter. In the 1980's Emma faces one of her biggest tests - her children's attempt to remove her as head of her company, but Emma is far from the senile old woman they think she is - she is determined to stop them at all costs. Written by Stacey Mitchell.
ProducerDiane Baker; Victor Glynn
WriterTom Blomquist; Lee Langley
Woman Of Substance: Season 1