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Last Song
TitleLast Song
Time96 mins
GenreDrama; Thriller
DirectorAlan J. Levi; Alan Levi
ActorL Carter as Brooke Newman; Ronny Cox as Sid Pachanski; Nicholas Pryor as Ryan; Paul Rudd as Gary Aronson; Jenny O'Hara as Deb Pierce; Dale Robinette as Mike Newman; William Lucking as Detective Colin; Don Porter as Philip Brockhurst; Ed Bernard as Morgan; Lynda Carter
PlotA man accidentally discovers a plot to cover-up a fatal toxic waste accident, and is brutally murdered. His wife an aspiring singer who unwittingly comes into possession of several tapes for which her engineer husband and his partner in the electronic eavesdropping business were murdered, and discovers that she and her daughter are now being stalked by the killers.
ProducerNeil Maffeo
WriterMichael Berk
Last Song