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Hold The Dream
TitleHold The Dream
Time200 mins
GenreDrama; Family; Romance
DirectorDon Sharp
ActorJenny Seagrove; Stephen Collins; Deborah Kerr; Claire Bloom; Fiona Fullerton; Suzanna Hamilton; Nigel Havers; John Mills; Liam Neeson as Blackie O'Neill; James Brolin as Ross Nelson; Denyse Alexander as Gaye Sloane; Vass Anderson as Coroner; Ben Aris as Doctor; Elizabeth Benson as Hilda; Bruce Boa as Dale Stevens
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyJohn Coquillon
PlotIt is a follow up of �A Woman of Substance�. Here Emma Harte (Deborah Kerr) is around 80 years old and wants to hand over her business empire to her granddaughter Paula (Jenny Seagrove). Paula is the head of the Harte chain of department stores but her extended family, especially her cousin Jonathan Ainsley (Dominic Jephcott), is jealous of her success. Paula is unhappy in marriage which leads her to Shane O'Neill (Stephen Collins), grandson of Blackie O'Neill (Liam Neeson), one of Emma�s advisors. Paula is struggling to prove herself in a male dominated society but suffers hurts and losses just like her grandmother who requests her to hold on to her dreams and conquer her personal tragedies.
ProducerIan Warren; Robert Bradford
WriterBarbara Taylor Bradford
Hold The Dream