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Harper Valley P.T.A.
TitleHarper Valley P.T.A.
Time102 mins
DirectorWilliam Asher; Leslie H. Martinson
ActorBarbara Eden as Stella Johnson / Della Johnson; Fannie Flagg as Cassie Bowman; Jenn Thompson as Dee Johnson; Anne Francine as Flora Simpson Reilly; Rod McCary as Bobby Taylor; Bridget Hanley as Wanda Reilly Taylor; George Gobel as Mayor Otis Harper Jr.; Suzi Dean as Scarlett Taylor; Mills Watson as Uncle Buster; Mari Gorman as Vivian Washburn; Edie McClurg as Willamae Jones; Gary Allen as Norman Clayton; Vic Dunlop as George Kelly; Robert Gray as Cliff Willoughby; Kevin Scannell as Coach Burt Powell
CinematographyFrank Thackery; Howard Schwartz; Keith C. Smith
PlotStella Johnson is a single mother living in the town of Harper Valley. Now most of the townspeople, particularly on the PTA board, think that she is a little too liberal and liberated for them, so they are making things tough for her and her daughter. When the PTA board threaten to have her daughter expelled unless Stella changes her ways, she decides to get back at them by first exposing all their hidden secrets and then pulling all sorts of humiliating pranks on them. When she decides to run for the position of PTA President, they are really infuriated and try to stop her any way they can.
ProducerRod Daniel; Bruce Golin
WriterJerry Davis; Jordan Moffet
SubtitlesEnglish; French; Spanish
Harper Valley P.T.A.