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Final Countdown
TitleFinal Countdown
Time102 mins
GenreAction; Adventure; Science Fiction; War
DirectorDon Taylor
ActorKirk Douglas as Capt. Matthew Yelland; Martin Sheen as Warren Lasky; Katharine Ross as Laurel Scott; James Farentino as Cdr. Richard Owens / Mr.Tideman; Ron O'Neal as Cdr. Dan Thurman; Charles Durning as Senator Samuel Chapman; Victor Mohica as Black Cloud; James Coleman as Lt. Perry; Soon-Tek Oh as Simura; Joe Lowry as Cdr. Damon; Alvin Ing as Lt. Kajima; Mark Thomas as Marine Cpl. Kullman; Harold Bergman as Bellman; Dan Fitzgerald as Navy Doctor; Lloyd Kaufman as LCdr. Kaufman
RatingPG (Parental Guidance)
CinematographyVictor J. Kemper
PlotIn 1980, the US Navy's most powerful warship, the USS Nimitz, is caught in a storm during routine maneuvers in the Pacific. Enveloped by a strange green light, the ship passes through a vortex and when they emerge, their communications have been cut off. The ship's Captain sends out a patrol and the F-14 pilots are shocked to encounter vintage Japanese warplanes.
ProducerLloyd Kaufman; Kirk Douglas
WriterDavid Ambrose; Gerry Davis
SubtitlesDutch; English; English (Closed Captioned); French; Spanish
Final Countdown