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Hard Times bronson
TitleHard Times bronson
Time90 mins
GenreAction; Adventure; Crime; Drama; Sports
DirectorWalter Hill
ActorCharles Bronson as Chaney; James Coburn as Speed; Jill Ireland as Lucy Simpson; Strother Martin as Poe; Margaret Blye as Gayleen Schoonover; Michael McGuire as Gandil; Felice Orlandi as Le Beau; Edward Walsh as Pettibon; Bruce Glover as Doty; Robert Tessier as Jim Henry; Nick Dimitri as Street; Frank McRae as Hammerman; Maurice Kowalewski as Caesare; Naomi Stevens as Madam; Lyla Hay Owen as Waitress
CinematographyPhilip H. Lathrop
PlotIn the depression, Chaney, a strong silent streetfighter, joins with Speed, a promoter of no-holds-barred street boxing bouts. They go to New Orleans where Speed borrows money to set up fights for Chaney, but Speed gambles away any winnings.
ProducerPaul Maslansky; Lawrence Gordon
WriterWalter Hill; Bryan Gindoff
Hard Times bronson