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Big Hit -no case
TitleBig Hit -no case
Time95 mins
GenreAction; Crime
DirectorKarolos Zonaras
ActorMeletis Georgiadis as Lieutenant Aristeidis Kormas; Katia Leclerc O'Wallis as Lori / Michelle; Evgenia Apostolou as Mrs. Farmaki; Grigoris Galatis as Sakis Papadimitriou; Alex Spyropoulos as Vardakastanis; Spiros Bibilas
CinematographyDionysis Efthymiopoulos
PlotSergeant Kormas is investigating the murder of a colleague, unearthing a dirty conspiracy where organized crime and law enforcement are two sides of the same coin. Tough men, femme fatales, cheeky one-liners and a hero who becomes the victim of his own choices, i.e. all the basic noir ingredients, are present and accounted for
ProducerKatia Leclerc O'Wallis
WriterKarolos Zonaras
Big Hit -no case